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Spark Energy Carbon Neutral

Spark Energy的碳中性天然气产品为客户提供了抵消天然气使用带来的碳排放的机会, through a reduction in carbon emissions elsewhere.  星火能源将获得经过验证的碳补偿,从本质上“中和”您的天然气消费产生的碳排放.  By offsetting up to 100% of your natural gas consumption, the net amount of carbon in the environment is considered “neutral.”

What are carbon emissions?

二氧化碳排放来自燃烧石油、煤炭和天然气等化石燃料. 二氧化碳被认为是造成温室气体的最大人为因素1.  科学家认为温室气体是造成“温室效应”的原因之一,” which refers to the slow, persistent warming of the planet.   这种变暖有可能对地球大气层产生负面影响. 大量的二氧化碳被排放到大气中,因为我们对现代便利设施的依赖和日常生活活动,如驾驶, air travel, electricity production and consumption, and the purchase of heavily packaged food products2. 我们产生的碳排放量有时也被称为我们的“碳足迹”.

How does Spark Energy calculate my carbon footprint?

When you purchase Spark Energy’s Carbon Neutral Natural Gas, EPA温室气体当量计算器中使用的公式可以将你实际使用的气体温度转换为二氧化碳当量.  二氧化碳当量告诉Spark要购买多少碳补偿才能使你的气体使用达到碳中和.  The EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator can be found at www.epa.gov/cleanenergy/energy-resources/calculator.html

How much carbon does a typical person use?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average person creates 48,488 pounds of carbon every year. 这相当于每年砍掉110棵树或增加4辆汽车.

How can we reduce our carbon footprint?

为了减少碳足迹,我们可以选择几种生活方式. Choosing green energy sources, such as wind and solar, buying energy-efficient appliances, 拼车和回收利用都是我们可以采取的减少碳足迹的措施.   虽然我们不能直接消除日常活动中的所有碳排放, we can offset them! 碳补偿是指为帮助减少碳排放和支持可持续环境的环境项目提供的可衡量的、切实的利益.

What are carbon offsets – How do they work?

碳抵消是指为了抵消其他地方的排放而减少二氧化碳的排放. 碳补偿通常以吨为单位,通过资助抵消碳排放的项目来实现.  Projects have a broad range; from forestry projects in South America to large wind turbine projects in the United States.
购买碳补偿意味着你正在为减少碳排放做出贡献,如果没有碳补偿市场的资金支持,这是不可能发生的3.  This concept is known as “additionality”.
For example, 垃圾填埋场的气体收集项目不仅能防止甲烷气体释放到大气中, 但它们也利用捕获的甲烷来发电,而这些发电本来是通过燃烧煤或天然气等化石燃料产生的. Gas capture projects can be expensive.  In order to finance the construction and operation of the project, 开发商可以以碳补偿的形式出售减排成果.4

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