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Planning a spring break vacation, staycation or day trip? Are you starting to see the carbon emissions add up as you make travel plans? 

Spring break is a time-honored tradition that’s enjoyed by more than just students. Families and couples also use it as a reason to take a much-needed break just when the weather starts to warm up and the days get longer. The only issue is many spring break excursions have a negative impact on the environment.

The good news is you don’t have to forgo a spring break vacation in an effort to conserve energy. We’ve got three ways you can enjoy clean, energy-efficient fun during your spring break.


Spring is one of the best times of year for a hiking adventure. 只要你能避开春季的阵雨, 天气很好——不太热, 不太冷. +, 徒步旅行是你能做的最健康的活动之一, 有适合各种技能水平的人的步道. It’s also something the family can do together even if you’re towing a toddler. Even better is the fact you don’t need any special equipment to take a hike. 

需要另一个理由来系上一双登山靴? 在大自然中生活已经证明了这一点 降低压力水平这就是放春假的意义所在. All you have to do is pick your favorite green spot and start walking to unwind. 


  • 带足够的水.
  • 涂防晒霜,每两小时重新涂一次.
  • 选择吸湿袜子.
  • 选择有良好脚踝支撑的靴子. 


You can extend that nature walk to a full-on camping trip for tons of stress relief. Camping is much less energy intensive than staying at a hotel or resort during a spring break vacation. Because you’re “roughing it” in the woods, activities don’t involve outlets. 

Unplugging for a few days could be exactly what you need to recharge. Also, a camping trip is the perfect opportunity to test out a solar-powered phone charger. As relieving as it is to totally let go of modern-day technology, things like GPS maps and communication during an emergency are must-haves while you’re camping.  

Another great thing about camping is you usually don’t have to go far to find a camping spot. T在这里 are 58 national parks across the country with campsites and dozens of additional parks in each state. Some are primitive camping only (tents) while others also have RV hookups.

说到旅游房车. 如果你离家近,尽量减少汽油的使用, 待在房车里仍然可以节约能源. 许多房车都使用太阳能发电机. 很少有酒店和airbnb提供清洁能源. You’ll be using more resources, but you can still enjoy the great outdoors with minimal energy use.


  • 随身携带一个密封的冷却器. Any open food should be kept in the cooler at all times so it doesn’t attract animals.
  • Never leave a campfire burning if you leave the campsite or go to sleep. 手边放一加仑水以便灭火. 
  • Bring lots of sunscreen and bug spray, but leave the Citronella candles at home. 
  • Pack loose long-sleeve shirts and pants to minimize sun exposure during peak UV hours.


If you’re planning to take a road trip during spring break consider conserving miles on your car and renting an electric vehicle (EV). At one time the idea of going on long road trips was out of reach for EVs. They could only go so far on a charge and places to power up were few and far between. 但那是当时.

Fast-forward ten years and the infrastructure for allowing EVs to go on longer hauls is finally being put in place. The electric vehicles themselves have also seen dramatic range improvement. 今年汽车制造商将推出一个 舰队的电动汽车 一次充电可以行驶200英里甚至更多. Some can go as far as 620 miles, and t在这里’s an all-electric truck that can go 400+ miles. With those ranges you can take a long weekend trip to a destination 3-4 hours from home without having to recharge. 

But you don’t have to worry about running out of juice in most major metros. T在这里 are sure to be at least a few charging stations at a grocery store, office complex, park, etc. 


  • 上路之前,先下载一下PlugShare应用. 它是寻找电动汽车充电站的最佳应用程序.
  • Learn how to use EV charging stations before the trip if you’ve never used one.
  • Plan a route based on w在这里 and when you need to recharge to keep the battery charged at least a quarter full. 

你是在家度假吗? 在您的停机时间,花几分钟检查 Spark energy的绿色能源计划. Make the switch today and relax knowing that every kilowatt of spring break fun is supporting a healthier environment.



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