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Supplying 新泽西 with Electricity and 天然气

立博网站中文版 is a nationally recognized retail electricity and 天然气 supplier serving companies in 新泽西. 自1999年开始营业, we have years of experience as an electricity and 天然气 supplier, 我们致力于持续提供可靠的天然气, community support and better customer experience to hundreds of thousands of satisfied energy customers across 18 states.

我们为什么要这么做? Because we are committed to being the best electricity and 天然气 supplier in the country. 在新泽西州,这意味着:

  • Keeping the most densely populated state in America well-lit and warm
  • Ensuring the Atlantic City Boardwalk is well-lit at night
  • Allowing the students of Princeton University to stay warm during the winter
  • Promising the lights will stay on over the Giants and the Jets at MetLife Stadium

Can I Choose a Different Electric or 天然气 Company in 新泽西?

If  you’re a 新泽西 resident looking for alternatives in 天然气, 立博网站中文版 can help.

它是如何工作的? 这是相当容易的. 你当地的电力或天然气公司, 该实用程序, owns the infrastructure to deliver electricity or gas to your home or business. 但你可以选择另一家公司, 像立博网站中文版, to supply electricity and 天然气 to 该实用程序.

When you switch, 该实用程序 will continue to bill you each month. 我们将作为一行出现在账单上. 就是这么简单:同样的实用工具, 相同的法案, 但最终, 你可以支付更少的电费或天然气.

新泽西的电 & 天然气供应商

State regulations allow 新泽西 homes and businesses greater freedom to choose a different electricity and 天然气 supplier. 那么为什么选择立博网站中文版呢?

  • 固定电 &  天然气 ——立博网站中文版 offers fixed-rate in electricity and 天然气 prices that are more stable than plans from variable rate electricity and 天然气 retailers.
  • 杰出的客户服务 – We have built an in-house customer service division second to none. Our goal is to quickly answer your questions and resolve any concerns you may have with your electric and 天然气 service.
  • 品质,值得信赖的服务 -从业10年以上, 星火能源公司从自然灾害中幸存下来, economic pressures and the ups and downs of a highly competitive industry. While other energy retailers have come and gone, 立博网站中文版 is here to stay.

固定利率 以及来自一家久经考验的公司的卓越服务. 星火能源是来为你工作的.



新泽西的电 & 天然气供应商

立博网站中文版 offers 新泽西 residents the opportunity to gain substantial savings on their electricity and 天然气. 我们根据您的需要提供定制方案. 对于定制报价,今天立博最新网!